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Видео онлайн happiness; (sam/dean)

Видео онлайн happiness; (sam/dean).

happiness; (sam/dean)

Раздел: Клип по сериалу

Описание: "happiness damn near destroys you, breaks your faith to pieces on the floor.."

I'm back! And my sound is working! *does happy dance* ; I honestly don't know what I would have done if I still had no sound :( Thank you all so much for your support on my last video, and for just being generally awesome all around :D I have the best subscribers in the world! I love you guys!

I vidded! -- This was actually supposed to be like a minute and twenty seconds or something but the more I listened to the song, the more I fell inlove with it. Especially the middle where the music picks up -- that part gives me shivers every time.

I absolutely adore the quote I used in the beginning. Only because dean is SO transparent and I love that even though he tells himself he's happy without his family and without his brother, he's not. He's the opposite of happy. He's broken and alone and he's trying so damn hard to compensate for the loss that he's managed to convince himself (if only for a while) that he's better off. Which he's obviously not; I thought it was a really great contradictory quote to start off the video.

I think that season 5 has some of the best dean quotes ever. I need to use all of them eventually.

The "I'm not leaving you scene" -- OMG. Guys, I still cannot watch that without getting emotional. WHY SO EPIC, DEAN WINCHESTER? WHY SO EPIC? *cries a bucket of tears.* When season six starts, I'm going to be a MESS. I can't even imagine the moment when dean sees sam for the first time. ('cause you know no matter what, it's going to be amazing.)

Dedicated to my lovely Karla (keirami21) for loving these boys and this show as much as anyone can. I really hope you get inspired to vid something, bb! You are amazing and the hiatus doesn't feel that long when you're throwing me bigbang recs and the like :D Secretly, this is all just a master-ploy to get you to vid! BAHAH, I'm not above being pathetic and begging you to make something :D. Seriously though, I love you so much, hun! You make me squee and laugh and more than anything, inspire me with your love for this fandom and this show and this video probably would have never even been made if it wasn't for you reminding me (unknowingly) of why I love these boys so much.

They're flawed, and they're messed in the head, and they're probably the most broken characters in the history of ever -- but they're like that because they love each other so much it hurts. Dean was willing to give everything up and let the devil kill him if it meant that sam knew he wasn't going to leave him to die alone.

And sam -- sam saved the world by loving dean enough to remember that love. IT'S ALL SO BLOODY TRAGIC. I'll stop talking now, but yeah. YOU ARE SO AMAZING, I LOVE YOU. I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS! :D

Anyways -- seems that I have rambled on quite a bit. I'll shut up now. I hope you all enjoy this! :D

song: happiness

artist: the fray

enjoy! :)

P.S: OMFG. I freaking hate it when youtube blocks my videos in germany. I'M SO SORRY, GUYS. I know a bunch of my subscribers are from there! AKFJGA. apparently www.hidemyass.com works! (love you, chris!) Still hate them, though. :(

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